Let our Fortune Tellers and Tarot Readers share a little bit of Magic with all, at your Event
Past, present and future,.. inspiration and insight,.. transport your guests to a world of new thoughts and new ideas.

Our beautiful 'Blue Tarot/Fortune Teller Tent' has been so popular we have added a second tent in deep Wine Red to our Program.

Many clients are now booking both tents for their function, with a Fortune Teller and a Tarot Reader for their guests to choose from.

Our sumptuous Fortune Teller Tents continue to be one of our absolute hit' Event offerings throughout 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Inside our tents is a world of wonder with drapes, lights and velvet trim,.. enter 'A world away from your Everyday'.

Our tents are mystical places where your clients, or friends, can delve into the mysterys of their future with our skilled practitioners of the divine Arts.

Add some magic to your Event. Hurry these unique and amazing tents are booking fast.

One tent, or both, add some delight and wonderment to your occasion.

Perfect for all functions.


Specs: Our tents require a minimum floor space of 3m x 3m and a ceiling height of no less than 2.5m. The tents require no guys or stakes so are perfect for indoors or outdoors.
Soft footings suit all floor surfaces. All tables, chairs and lights are provided, we only require power for lighting. Set up time approx 2hours.


See you on the inside.,,