These are just some of the wonderful and unique Aerial Acts we have on offer. We can customize all Aerial Acts to suit specific Event themes or other specific Client requirements

Solo Aerial Silks / Aerial Tissu / Duo Aerial Silks

Candy Stripe Circus have several Aerial Silks Acts on offer which can be performed with many and varied Costumes, and various styles of music. The Aerial Silks can be performed as a Solo Act or as a Duo Act. Aerial Silks are wonderful for Events requiring style, passion, high-skill level entertainment, and fabulous for clients wanting to offer guests a huge 'wow' factor. Inventive twists, drops, wraps. Liquid human movement suspended on two red satin ropes 8m-10m in length. The Artists perform unaccountable feats of human acrobatic grace, contortion, agility, and spectacular strength.

Try our 'Operetta' Aerial Silks - A stunning Theatrical Aerial Silks Act. Artists change from their Victorian Masquerade Ball Gowns into slick, sleek "Blade Runner'esque" Costumes before the audiences eyes, suspended and defying gravity.

Solo Aerial Silks - Perfect for all Functions. Classy, classic, highly skillful, stylish. 1920's meets The Moulin Rouge, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, Graceful and Alluring. Other Costumes and styles also available.

Act Duration: 7mins / Min Rigging Point Height 5m

Duo Silks
We have many themes and options to choose from and can style to any market or special Event. Below images are from Conference Gala Opening with TAIKOZ. Live percussion with choreographed performers on Aerial Silks. Open your Conference or Event with a spectacular Act and you will be certain to grab your audiences attention.

Above with TAIKOZ Sydney Convention Centre

Below City of Sydney Business Awards, Doltone House. Sydney

Aerial Love Heart
A stunning and unique Aerial Story with the two 'Dollies', Felix the Clown and Scarlett the Rag Doll, both delightful and quirky old style doll characters. Emerging from their wooden toy box the 'Dollies'; fend off a drama, fall in love, dance a tango and perform amazing stunts, all on a custom built suspended Aerial Love Heart. A comedic, lyrical, aerial comedy and beautiful aerial ballet. Music box dancer meets turn of the Century old world charm and carnivale. The Aerial Love Heart Act is an exert from 'A Suspended Love Story' - See Shows Page, Artists: Zoe Ellis and Kate Reid.

Aerial Angels - Bungee Acts
The Aerial Angels Bungee Act can be staged as a large spectacular for Events or Venues wanting a dramatic, high impact, highly visual performance. With either one or two Performers, the Artists are suspended on Bungee Ropes and perform a choreographed spectacular. The Angels swing, fly, pirouette, leap, and flip. Starting as a slow piece this amazing Aerial Act builds to a huge glittery finale, with multiple massive flips, huge swings and dynamic spins the Angels fly above the audiences heads, suspended from the heavens, high above the crowd.

Images from Hordern Pavilion. Sydney

Aerial Ring / Lira
Beautiful and great for venues with a limited ceiling height or restricted space as well as fabulous for large venues. A glamorous Act, elegance, dynamic flexibility, stylish and delightful. Perfect for all venues and functions, weddings, parties, events, other. Aerial Ring or Lira also works wonderfully as an outdoor act on the Candy Stripe Circus Aerial Tri-pod Rig, for outdoor functions or for venues without rigging points. The Candy Stripe Circus Tripod Rig fits venues with ceiling height at 5m or 6.4m and is a great option for venues with-out structural rigging. The 6.4m Rig fits Luna Park's - Crystal Ballroom, (see Rigs and Rigging). The Tri-pod Rig is freestanding and will not damage sensitive floor surfaces.

Glam Rock Bungee or, Theatrical Comedy Bungee Routine by Felix, from 'A Suspended Love Story'
Stylized and Theatrical - Available as a Comedic Act 'Glam Rock Bungee', or as a Lyric Act with 'Scarlett and Felix'. Pictured below (Left), Aerial Comedy Glam Rock 'Air Guitar' Bungee Routine. Need we say more? Power chords like you've never seen them with a few saults and flips thrown in. The Glam Rock Aerial Bungee Act is a stand alone exert from the 'Glam Rock Show'. Dynamic and great Act for Dance Festivals or Music Festivals, or as a amazing opener or addition to any Event.

Bungee Love with Felix and Scarlett - Aerial Clowns. A beautiful tale of missed timed love, a Chaplin'esque' tale of misadventure, bungee, a ragdoll, and some turns and twists, literal and figurative ones that is. Sweet, delightful comedy a timeless tale of love, (or is it a tale of timeless love)?. Felix and Scarlett's Bungee bouncing love fiasco is a wonderful Act for any Event, unusual, stylish, perfect for all age groups (Pictured Right).

Aerial Rope
Aerial Rope - A stunning Aerial display of strength and agility, aerial poise and dynamic drops. World Class Rope Artist will wow your audience. Unbelievable power and beauty.

Aerial Web
Aerial Web - Fast furious, many styles, superb spinning on hand and foot, dynamic, spectacular. Aerial Web is a fast spinning Act in which the Artist performs feats of contortion and dexterity whilst suspended spinning high above the crowd.

Aerial Strops
Aerial Strops - A unique Act on a unique apparatus. Many styles, costume and music to choose from. A skillful mastery of ropes and suspension. This most versatile of acts lends itself to small spaces as well as large. Cabaret, Clubs, Theatre, Openings, Diners, Conferences, Parties. Act builds to spinning finale.

Solo Love Heart
A wonderful beautiful classic piece of Aerial Theatre. Scarlet the Rag-doll dances a kooky wind up stylized Aerial Ballet. Also Aerial Heart Showgirl with Zoe L'Amore.

Aerial Ring, other Acts - 'The Cobra Goddess'
Skillful contortion, manipulation of a steel ring, suspended, spinning, strength, artistry, classic sultry powerful use of aerial space. Styles from Kooky to Cabaret.