'A Suspended Love Story'

'A Suspended Love Story' was designed specifically for The Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival. A wonderful piece of Aerial Theatre featuring the delightful characters 'Scarlett the Rag Doll', and 'Felix the Clown'. Using original and unique Aerial apparatus, such as The Aerial - 'Love Heart Trapeze', the 'Dollies' engage in a comedy of errors, involving: 'Bungee, Roses, Tango's, A Suspended Live Cello Serenade, and Amazing Aerial Stunts'. Since it's inception the piece has been performed at Festivals and Events across the Globe.

Fantastic for Festivals and all Events, appealing to adults and children alike. 'A Suspended Love Story' is a truly original and memorable 'Theatrical Aerial Artistic Endeavour'. 'A graceful, quirky, timeless classic' - 5 Stars Adelaide Fringe Festival


The Little Big Top Circus presents,...

'Cirque Magnifique'

The Little Big Top Circus is an Annual Event held in conjunction with the Internationally acclaimed Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. 'Cirque Magnifique' as featured in 2012, is an amusing, contemporary romp with a 'French' Circus Company. Featuring: 'Ring Master Alphonse', his gorgeous wife 'Fifi Bouffant' and their quirky Circus Crew. Slapstick, Delightful, Highly-Skilled Circus. A family show featuring Internationally reknown Acrobats: Jesse Scott, Lochlan McAulay, Kali Retallack, Kate Reid and Alex Norman. Live music, Adagio, Hula-hoops, Aerials, Comedy. A dirth of 'Intrigue, Tricks, Stunts, Gypsy Accordion, Virtuosi Clarinet, Stunning Acrobatics, Hand Balancing,... and more'. A magical journey with five delightful Artists.

World Class Circus Tent Show. Also suitable for production in Theatres. A wonderful Festival show.


Feast Festival - ThreeFeats

Three Feats is a exceptional Circus, Arts, Dance and Multi-media extravaganza,.. A political, moving, involved, sometimes intriguing, sometimes deeply moving, sometimes comedic, journey through 3 separate relationships. A show about Struggle, Humour, Perseverance and Identity. Acrobatics, Whip Cracking, Hula Hooping, Stunts, Aerials, Dance, Text, and more,... Suitable for 15+ Audiences. 4 Star reviews. Suitable for Contemporary Arts Festivals, Theatres and Major Festivals.


The Little Big Top Shows for 2010 and 2011

'Molotov Cabaret' and 'Inside the Carousel'

Molotov Cabaret and 'Inside the Carousel' - Two wonderful and hilarious character based Circus Shows with Fire, Stunts, Outrageous Characters, Wonderful Live Music, Adagio, Fire Eating, Flaming Candelabras, Acrobatic Musicians, and so much more. Ever wondered what happened to Anastasia and Rasputin?, well quite possibly they are still alive,... and joined the Circus?. The Molotov Cabaret' offers up all the answers to these mystery's and more.... 'Inside the Carousel' is also a delightful Contemporary Circus show with something for all the family. Comedy, Stunts, Memorable Characters and more. Both shows suitable for Family Festivals and all Events. Both shows performed 3 week long seasons to sell-out crowds, 2010 and 2011.


'Glam Rock Show'

What would you get if you crossed a Circus and a Glam Rock Band? ,... The Candy Stripe Circus and Electric Dollhouse Glam Rock Show presents a Rock band in the Air. Rock Stars, Trapeze, Fan dancing, Fire, Amazing Stunts, Flying Flaming Hula Hoopists, and Air Guitar Chords that take the 'Art of Air Guitar' to a whole new level - (8m's high to be specific). A 40min long outrageous extravaganza created for The Hard Rock Hotel, New Years Eve. Fantastic for Music Festivals, Arena Events ,... and anywhere else you need ,... an Aerial Rock Band!.


The Candy Stripe Circus have Video Footage of Shows available for Clients by request only.