The Candy Stripe Circus have many, unique and wonderful Roving Acts and Roving Performers

Burlesque and Showgirls Stilts
Eye catching Burlesque Silts. Stunning Costumes, something to embellish all: Stylish Events, Cocktail Functions, Festivals, Masked Balls or Other

'Roving Rowers'
New,.. our FABULOUS 'Roving Rowers',.. Wow, too cute for words. This nautical couple, Sailor Joe and Sailor Jane will row their way around your function. Nautical gags, real moving oars,.. 'Starboard, Port,.. Land Ho!. Reminiscent of old style Vaudeville Acts, these Sailors on the 'High Seas' will add serious charm and a unique flavour to your Event.

'Fifi the Poodle' and 'Alphonse the Magnifique'
Walkies anyone,.. with our 8ft tall Poodle in tow, your sure to attract a crowd of animal lovers. Alphonse can accompany his pet with his own long legged flavour on stilts, or as a ground character. Great for shopping malls, children's and family events,.. and any other Event requiring,.. well, a rather large Poodle!

Roving Musician's
Meet Alphonse and his 'little wife' Fifi Bouffant. Alphonse, The Ring Master of 'The Little Big Top Circus', plays wonderful accordion tunes - Classics, Gypsy, Folk and Klezmer. Available as a Solo Artist for Roving at Festivals or as a Musical Act for all Functions.

Also available as a Duo - Alphonse and Fifi team up to make a formidable musical force, music to clap, dance and move to. Perfect for Street Festivals and any other Events requiring fabulous upbeat tunes. Fifi Bouffant on Clarinet and Alphonse on Accordion.

All musical Acts can be Costumed to suit Event and Clients requirements.

We have all manner of virtuosi musicians to make music for every occasion, including Violin, Brass and Drums. Also Music on Stilts available.

Goliath and The Maharaja's of Recycling
Just when you think you've seen it all along comes an 8ft tall baby Indian Elephant named Goliath. Goliath is made completely from recycled sari's, as is his handler the Maharaja's of Recycling. Wonderful for children, perfect for Street Entertainment and Festivals. Huge, crowd pleasers, unusual and with a lovely message.

Christmas Trees
Don't wait until Christmas to book our delightful Christmas tree for your Event. Always booking fast around the silly season, we can hand out presents at Christmas Parties and Functions. With plant pot feet and tinsel and toys, our christmas trees are perfect for Christmas Cheer. We have two trees available.

Horse Stilts Creature with Rider
Unusual and a true spectacle. Horse Stilts Creature with a rider who performs Aerial Stunts suspended off the body of the Horse. This Act is where Science Fiction meets the Circus.

The Mermaid Side-show
The Mermaid Side-show is a quirky piece of original theatre. Using a 'tank' as an Aerial Rig, the Mermaid can, 'swim' around in the 'water' of her small world. Lonely in her tank and stuck, she meets a Sailor, but she can not love him as, 'legless', she is confined to her tank. Forlorn she mourns her love ,... until, her sailor proposes a rather nifty solution. A beautiful mesmerizing tale of Side-show love, illusion and magic. Old style Theatrical Staging, Charm, Mermaids, Aerials, Sailors and Circus Stunts.

What's 9ft tall, pink, orange legs and is great dancing at festivals? Zoe Ellis's 9ft tall birds of wonder. The wonderful flamingos will cause a flap at any Event.

Australia's' Tallest Cowgirls
Maisy Lou and Daisy Sue, 9ft tall and ready to round 'em up. Perfect for Outback Festivals, or any other Event.

Geisha Girls
Beautiful 9ft Geisha in Kimono with Parasols and Fans. Great for meet and greet occasions, themed parties and Events.

The Rickshaws
The Rickshaws are a fun, environmentally sound and most stylish way to get around your next function. The Rickshaws come complete with sound systems and funky drivers. Various styles available, shown is 'Bollywood'.

Fire Acts
The Candy Stripe Circus have a huge range of Fire Acts and Artists for every Event. Fire Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Hula-Hoop, Original Fire Performances with unique apparatus. The Candy Stripe Circus also offer Grinder Girls as a Stage or Podium Act.

Podium Dancers and Body Art
Spice up your DJ booth with Podium Dancers, or your entrance with Body Art Statues.