The Candy Stripe Circus offer various comprehensive Team Building Programs

Circus Team Building Programs are a perfect inclusion for any Corporate, Professional, Social Event, or Conference and any other Event in which 'Ice Breaker' Strategy's are required in order for guests to meet and build repartee quickly.

Circus Team Building can be used as a Professional Medium for Corporations to build more; Focused, Creative, Positive and Productive Environments and/or Workplaces.

Circus Team Building can also offer a way to relieve group pressures both Socially and Intellectually, and offer Fun, Creative and Positive Activities which can function both as a Distraction from Intensive or High Pressure Group Situations, or as a Fantastic Recreational Interlude.

Circus Team Building Courses are perfect for Initiating or Engaging clients across all Professions. They provide Fun, Accessible Games and Structured Activities which promote: Trust, Social Cohesion, Creativity, Lateral Thinking and Self Esteem.

The Candy Stripe Circus Team Building Programs can be tailored to any requirements regards; Age Range, Group size and Ability.

Quotes Available on Request.